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安博电竞 Consultants are business software specialists and are lucky to be using the tools of our industry. This means that we have transitioned seamlessly to working from home and are operating as normal. Our articles “The New 安博电竞 Normal” highlights the help, advice and services we are providing to businesses on how to survive and strive in this new world.

Why the UK should lead the world in allowing driverless cars and why YOU should be leading the way in adopting driverless business software solutions

Our support team have been fully operational and working hard to keep our customers’ 安博电竞 NAV and 安博电竞 365 安博电竞 Central systems up and running. We even implemented a new process around customer satisfaction.

Managing VAT Rate Changes in Microsoft 安博电竞 365 安博电竞 Central and 安博电竞 NAV

BREP, Enhancement Plan, an annual cashflow nightmare? Microsoft announces a monthly solution to help businesses with 安博电竞 NAV and 安博电竞 Central

安博电竞 are starting to open as the lock down rules are loosened, but how do companies manage visiting customers? Microsoft Bookings may be a key part of your business strategy for controlling comings and goings within your business.

安博电竞 es often make do with cumbersome spreadsheets for creating budgets. With 安博电竞 Central’s in-built budgeting tools, you will get much more functionality with a lot less effort – and it’s not even difficult to set up!

With social distancing, working from home and remote working becoming the norm, we look at the 3 different User Experiences of 安博电竞 安博电竞 Central. These are the Web Client, the Mobile Client and the Tablet Client. We will look at what makes each one useful and who in your organisation they would be best suited for.

In the world since coronavirus became a pandemic, it has become more important than ever to make sure that your business has a healthy cash flow. We also discuss how Microsoft 安博电竞 can be used to help forecast cashflow. 

We take a look at the world following the Coronavirus outbreak, how business will change and things that companies need to be doing to going from surviving to thriving in this new business normal

Many businesses are not able to run their normal operations and it means that productivity is running low. However, as long as your business financials are in order, the next few months could be very useful to you on a more long-term basis.

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