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安博电竞 365 安博电竞 Central is the fastest growing cloud ERP solution!

安博电竞 365 安博电竞 Central keeps growing at the speed of light! Microsoft’s cloud-based ERP solution for Small and Medium 安博电竞 es (SMB) recently went past the 15.000 customer organizations mark. That’s a phenomenal growth of 1.000 new customers per month and it’s twice the growth of the previous period of time. On top of this, there’s also an impressive 200% growth of the number of users per implementation. These numbers probably make 安博电竞 365 安博电竞 Central the fastest growing cloud ERP solution in the world.

安博电竞 365 安博电竞 Central now has over 15000 customer organizations on its SaaS platform and is seeing 200 percent annual growth in users. These updated numbers came from Microsoft’s general manager Mike Morton, who spoke at the last Directions North-America event for 安博电竞 NAV and 安博电竞 Central partners. In November 2020, Morton reported that 安博电竞  Central exceeded the 10k customers milestone. 

This means that the product has seen a growth of roughly 5000 customer organizations in only about 5 months. Or putting it another way, roughly 1000 net new customers per month! This growth rate is a massive acceleration; looking at the numbers between October 2019 and November 2020, we can see that there were more like 500 new customers on a monthly base. 

The rate of growth in users is even more impressive, surpassing the growth in new customers. Morton stated that this has a few different reasons. One explanation is that existing customers are adding users over time. But Microsoft is also seeing larger 安博电竞 Central SaaS deals now, he said, with the average number of users per implementation “going up significantly". While some new customers still deploy five to ten seats, as most did in the early days of the product, Microsoft is now also adding customers up to five hundred seats or more. 

All of these organizations trust on 安博电竞 Central SaaS to be their source for making countless small day-to-day operational decisions as well as their important strategic decisions. Many of them also use the solution as the backbone of their digital transformation processes.  

Microsoft has a clear goal for the near future. The company is committed to making 安博电竞 Central “the world’s best ERP solution for small and medium businesses”. One of the focus areas for the development department is to streamline the implementation – the ‘onboarding process’ in Microsoft terms. The goal is to make the onboarding process both easier, faster and cheaper.  

This improved onboarding process combined with the fast-growing number of reselling partners and the constantly growing number of available apps holds great expectations for a further rapid growth in the near future. Solutions such as our  Accelerated 安博电竞 Central  means that the jump to ERP is much more affordable and less time consuming.  

Morton assured his partners that, while the big news and updates are focused on 安博电竞 Central in the cloud, both 安博电竞 Central on-premises and the predecessor, 安博电竞  NAV, will continue to be supported. "We're very committed to these products," he said. "Whether you are on-premises or in the cloud, Microsoft is behind you." 

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