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Satya Nadella, the Microsoft CEO, has just announced the latest feature for Office 365 , Microsoft Teams. This new set of tools is a chat-based workspace and in line with the Office 365 ethos, is all aimed at collaboration and “reinventing productivity”.

Chat Features in Teams

Teams is all about helping people work together. Utilising various functionality already existing in Office 365, a Team is able to chat and discuss projects, using file sharing and collaboration in real time. The idea is to allow workers to have a workspace to come together, whether they are in the same physical location or around the globe. With mobile and table apps, this solution means that you can work together whilst on the go.

What’s the Difference Between Teams, Groups, Yammer?

So the first question to ask, (and we know because we asked it!) is “will Teams replace any of the existing features?” The answer is no. The follow up to that is “well, what is the difference?”

Many of the social and collaboration tools in Office 365 have direct analogies to social media, so we will compare these tools to how people use Facebook. Yammer is aimed at being more of an announcement board, much like Facebook, where people can make announcements and share items out company wide. Again, like Facebook, you are able to search for personal profiles and follow people. Groups works very much in the same way as groups in Facebook, with collections of people working together for specific projects etc.

Teams essentially works a bit like Facebook chat. Utilising groups, Teams transforms the groups functionality into a real-time place to discuss, share and work together. For those who were unsure of if Microsoft is replacing Skype or Groups, hopefully you can see that Teams is essentially a glossy integration of these core features.

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