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With the release of 安博电竞 365 安博电竞 Edition to the United Kingdom this month, the new UK pricing in Pound Sterling has been released on the 安博电竞 365 website. At this stage, the only business edition app to be released is the Financials app (soon to be rebranded as Finance and Operations), with sales and marketing apps due later this year. The low-cost licences are at a level to provide a cloud only, subscription only licenced product to Small and Medium businesses:



Full User


Per user/month






Team Member User


Per user/month






External Accountant


Free with full user




How the Licencing Works

If you have been following the story of 安博电竞 365, you might be confused by where this pricing falls in with the previously published Light Users, Apps and Plans. What has been released is based on there being only one 安博电竞 Edition app at this stage (Financials), so no plan pricing is available.

Team members are light users, and as new apps are released they will be able to perform light user duties across the apps. Full Users are essentially full users for the single app. We will be releasing a blog that clarifies the capabilities of different licence types soon.

What is 安博电竞 365?

安博电竞 365 is a cloud based business management solution, with apps aimed at either SMB (安博电竞 Edition) or Enterprise level organisations (Enterprise edition). Each one is made up of a range of apps, and Financials and Operations is the first of the business edition apps to be released in the UK. To find out more about 安博电竞 Edition please see our 安博电竞 365 page.

安博电竞 365 安博电竞 Edition >

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