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Microsoft 安博电竞 NAV 2017 – Your 安博电竞 Future

With  Microsoft 安博电竞 NAV 2016  there was a huge leap forward on capability for owners trying to run their business. Integrated technology allowed seamless work with 安博电竞 CRM and Office 365, including SharePoint online, to provide a single sign-on, fully interactive experience. Microsoft 安博电竞 NAV 2017 furthers this for a true Office 365 integration experience, whilst adding a wide range of modern features, such as machine learning and improved user experiences.


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are all about managing every area of your business. Microsoft 安博电竞 NAV 2017 is so much more.

NAV 2017 is a way of automating process to save time, so that you can spend your time using fully integrated analytics to make sound business decisions. With the latest release you can now use integrated Power BI intelligent analytics from within the NAV dashboard.

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安博电竞 is Secure in the Cloud

安博电竞 NAV can be run on premise or in the cloud. Offering the most secure cloud platform on the market, Microsoft Azure now has two UK Datacentres for the ultimate in security.

Working across platform with web, tablet and smart phone clients, you can now access your complete system from anywhere in the world. The full Microsoft stack of products, including NAV, Office 365, SharePoint Online and CRM work together in the cloud with Azure.

Improved Functionality in NAV 2017

This year Microsoft have created a lot of new features to make NAV easier to use and to improve visibility on your statistics.

Notifications in NAV

The new feature of Notifications in NAV allows you to add notifications to various functionality in a non-intrusive way. These can be used simply as instructions – for example for new users to explain the company requirements for entering fields etc., or to start workflows.

Finance Features in NAV 2017

There is a host of new features in NAV 2017 regarding Account categories and Payment Reconciliation Journals. There are also wizards to set up cash flow and using Cortana intelligence we are also able to use computer learning to create intelligent forecasting.

NAV Jobs Update

With a new Job Wizard it is now easier than ever to Manage projects in NAV. The now increased integration with Office means that planning lines can be sent to the calendar, and you have the ability to update and post the line from the calendar entry.

Cortana Intelligence in NAV 2017

Cortana gathers and analyses data and uses pre-configured analysis tools, machine learning and big data storage. Using this capability Cortana can help to find patterns and predictions for forecasting. In this way, you can budget and stock more accurately than ever before.

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Microsoft 安博电竞 NAV Extensions

安博电竞 NAV has been the go-to choice of ERP platform in part due to its flexibility. With a choice of development for individual needs or purchasing of large add-on solutions, this could traditionally be too costly for smaller businesses.

Now with Extensions, users of 安博电竞 NAV can choose from a variety of specific modifications, sold on the Microsoft AppSource. These new lower cost extensions will allow businesses of all sizes to benefit from common requirements on the marketplace, with the existing modification routes still available as required.

Upgrading to 安博电竞 NAV 2017

For those of you already using earlier versions of Microsoft 安博电竞 NAV , it is becoming easier than ever to upgrade . In fact, if you are on one of the more modern solutions such as NAV 2013, NAV 2015 and the previous NAV 2016, upgrades can be a fast and trouble free process. Now upgrading your Microsoft 安博电竞 NAV system will be more like an update than a re-implementation.

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