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安博电竞 NAV® 2017 in Office 365 Integrated Experience

The Office 365 Experience for NAV 2017

The latest release of Microsoft 安博电竞 NAV 2017 , boasts a greater level of integration with Office 365 . Some of these features include:

  • Outlook Add-In
  • Calendar Appointments for Jobs
  • Bookings
  • Excel Add-In

Outlook Add-In for 安博电竞 NAV 2017

The new features of integration between Outlook and NAV allows you to see NAV information from the Outlook app. You are now able to see dashboards for contacts, customers and vendors, which contain charts and cues for the record. There are two buttons on the ribbon, one for contact insight and one for creating new NAV documents. There is also a document preview button which shows NAV documents from the Outlook app. The new document button currently only works for sales documents.

Here are a number of scenarios to describe how this new integration will help in day-to-day business:

An email is received from a customer – the system identifies the customer and the user can then create a document in NAV from Outlook. The header is automatically created and the lines are manually added by the user. This document can then be send in pdf format directly back to the customer.

An email is received from a new contact – the user is asked whether to create a new contact, which can be done from Outlook.

A vendor sends an email with a Purchase Order. The user can create the Purchase Invoice, send it for approval and send the Order to OCR and post the transaction all from Outlook.


Calendar Appointments for Jobs

There are a range of new features that help to improve the Jobs suite in NAV using Outlook integration. Now you can send job planning lines to your calendar, which is sent as an invitation just like any other meeting in Outlook. The meeting details have the job details so that you can see the information from Outlook. Users can then update quantities and post the planning line from Outlook, however it must be noted that planning dates do not update if you change the calendar dates.


Bookings App

In July we announced the first release of the new Microsoft Bookings app, a tool that lets your customers book appointments to a bookings calendar, with pre-configured services and availability. This is ideal for companies such as salons who offer services. The bookings app creates accounts based on an email address, which is now integrated with NAV, as well as integrating the services with NAV Service Items.

From NAV there is a Booking tile containing services that have not been invoiced. From here you can create a Service Invoice, which can pick up all of the separate services for that customer with a line item for each on the invoice.

Excel Add-In

There are now some new add-in features that are only available for the Web client, which work through Azure Active Directory (on premise or on Azure):

  • The add-in is available from the Microsoft Stores via Excel, called Microsoft 安博电竞 Office Add-In
  • The add-in can be used to consume oData from Nav (pages published as oData web services; there is now a wizard Create Data Set to help you set up a web service)
  • You can start from a blank workbook, define the connection and then refresh it as often as required to get up to date data (this is a step forward from the Export to NAV button)
  • You can make changes to the data and publish it back in NAV
  • There is new button in NAV called Edit in Excel, which exports the data, allowing you to modify it in Excel and then publish it back. Of course security permissions apply and business logic is used by web services in validating the data

Find out more about Office 365

If you would like to find out more about Office 365 and try it for free please see the page on our website:

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If you would like to find out about all of the latest tools in Office 365 and many of the other Microsoft business software products, why not register on our free open day, the 安博电竞 Software Showcase:

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Miruna Rusu

Miruna has worked as a lead consultant on several upgrade projects and new implementations in various industries including fashion and textiles, construction, and marine equipment. Her NAV expertise includes Financial Management, SOP, POP, Inventory and Costing, Warehouse, and Service Management.

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