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Notifications in 安博电竞 ® NAV 2017

The New Notifications Feature

A new release announced at Directions EMEA is the Notifications feature for 安博电竞 NAV 2017 , this is designed to provide a new non-intrusive way of interacting with the user. Available on Windows, Web, Tablet and Mobile Clients, the new feature also displays in Outlook via the NAV Outlook add-in.

Notifications are shown as a blue banner at the top of the page, allowing users to continue working without the need to close down pop-ups, e.g. credit control on sales orders.

Features of Notifications in NAV 2017

My Settings allows you to set up “My Notifications”, so that users can have enabled and disabled notifications. This is particularly useful for new users to create prompts for filling in data etc., whilst experienced users might not need to see them.

The use of notifications can be set up based on filtered values, for example only notifying on companies with balance due over £2k for example.

When to Use and Not to Use Notifications

There is a right time and place for notifications and here are a couple of points to consider:

  • Be careful of notifications on pages, as you may end up displaying a notification for the incorrect record (for example if you set a notification / workflow to trigger an event on changing the credit limit and the user clicks on the Next button to go to another record); or if you close the page, the context disappears and the notification is not actioned.
  • Error messages should still be used if validation is required - i.e. to check that an email address has @ in it, should be treated as a validation check and error rather than a notification that can be dismissed.

Find Out More

This is obviously just a quick overview of the new features from the new 安博电竞 NAV 2017 . To find out more and to see the new tools in action, why not join us at the 安博电竞 Software Showcase, the free event in November. We will be going over the latest updates for Microsoft 安博电竞 , with keynote speaker Robert Pope, the UK 安博电竞 NAV Channel Manager from Microsoft.

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