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Here, at 安博电竞 Consultants, we are proud to announce that we’re sponsoring an employee’s son to be a volunteer for the African Adventures Trip to Kenya. Matt Hardman is a young lad who is keen to make an impact in the Community on a global scale.

Who are African Adventures and what do they do?

African Adventures is an award-winning volunteer travel company that works with 25 community projects in developing areas of Ghana, Kenya and Zanzibar. They support these projects with the resources they need in order to grow, whilst organising the trips from start to finish for their volunteers.

African Adventures send over volunteers to be Teaching Assistants & Multi-Sports Coaches or to do Building and Renovation Jobs.

For Teaching & Coaching, African Adventures works with 14 projects, in Kenya, that educate a combined total of 10,000 children between the ages of 5-16. They don’t have the same opportunities and quality of teaching that we have in the UK, so all the children & staff at these school appreciate all the support and ideas the volunteers provide.

Because of the scorching heat in Kenya, most PE lessons take place early in the morning or after school. PE is the most popular lesson and the children are very excited and enthusiastic to get involved! The coaching programme is fun and flexible; meaning the volunteers can coach anything they are comfortable with. Even though Kenya is hugely successful in long-distance running, football is their first sport, so all football loving volunteers will love it!

Building Volunteers are there to improve the classrooms and school building facilities, such as Kitchens, IT Suites and Playgrounds. This allows the children to learn in a better environment and the teachers can be more creative with their teaching ideas in lessons.

African Adventures recommends that volunteers are fit and healthy, so they can carry out duties like painting, cement-mixing, plastering and carrying heavy items. They think creative people would be perfect for this job as they could think of awesome ideas that could make the buildings seem appealing to children.

Matt Hardman

Matt must do a lot of fundraising to allow him to pay for his volunteering trip in Kenya. We thought we should give him a helping hand by sponsoring him. As well as the help that we are providing, he has been doing a lot of other activities. Recently, he has been busy cake selling. Those tasty cakes were baked by him and his family! Depending on how many nights he will be staying in Kenya, he will have to fund between £1,445 to £2,445.

Matt and his friend, Mark Drake, bumped into Portsmouth FC Midfielder, Ben Close. We know that Matt is a huge Pompey fan and he was beyond happy to see him!

We wish the best of luck for Matt Hardman to raise the money he needs to go to Kenya. We will release another blog in the future with Matt’s progress.

Questions we asked Matt:

What made you want to get involved with African Adventures?

"I wanted to get involved with African adventures as I was lucky enough to visit Kenya in the Easter of 2017, whilst I was there I saw the extreme levels of poverty. So when this trip came up I saw it as an opportunity to do something to help."

Other than our sponsor, how are you funding your trip?

"To be able to go to Kenya I need to fundraise £2000 which I will fundraise through plenty of Cake sales, Bag Packs and Jobs for the Family and friends."

What are you looking forward to the most out of this experience?

"I imagine that the satisfaction you feel from educating children and assisting with building their facilities would feel extremely rewarding."

What are you most worried about?

"The one thing I will find difficult is not seeing friends and family for a week and a half and possibly not achieving all I wanted to do and not helping out as much as I needed or wanted to."


We are all sure that Matt will achieve everything he wants in Kenya and make a massive impact! 

Jesse Lawrence

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I find their approach to our relationship very professional whilst being refreshingly realistic. We now consider them to be part of our team

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