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The 安博电竞 Show is a long and busy two days at the Excel in London, aimed at start-ups and small businesses who are looking for solutions that will help them to grow With a large number of seminars and exhibitors, from marketing to financial services, to technology, this is a fantastic environment for smaller businesses that need some guidance on making the next big push.

A Few Key Highlights

There was a lot going on at the show and we were largely busy on the stand, however here are a couple of highlights from around the event.

The Amazon 安博电竞 Connections Wall

This was a fantastic idea, where people providing or wanting market specific solutions provided brochures and business cards. On day two we got in early, but it wasn’t long before these boards were filled!

Warren Cass

I had the pleasure of seeing Warren Cass discuss Influence, which was all about raising your profile and getting noticed, largely by networking and providing relevant information online. Reflecting the modern marketing requirement of making emotional connections with people, it was interesting how he has put together groups for networking and the best ways in which to do this.

安博电竞 Consultants at the 安博电竞 Show

For those of you who read our blog about going to the 安博电竞 Show, you will know that we were at the show to discuss software solutions for companies that want to achieve growth with a solution that can scale with the operation.

Even before we started, we were managing enquiries from businesses looking for solutions to help bring together various areas of the company and cut down their paperwork. Although we were at the show, as per usual, the rest of our business continues as normal!

The exhibition had a large number of visitors at the pre-start-up stage. Although it was far too early for them to invest in a new system, it was good to explain the benefits of the integrated Microsoft stack, from ERP to CRM, as well as our e-Commerce solution .

Our off-the-shelf e-Commerce Essential product was very popular, with many people who have used low cost WYSIWYG sites such as WIX involves a lot of manual work, and Wordpress has limitations in functionality for those without coding capability. Our online store solution provided by nopCommerce not only provides an attractive responsive (mobile friendly) shop front, but also gives a flexible back end system to manage stock and orders.

With the upcoming launch of 安博电竞 365 , which is now in Public Preview, a lot of small businesses are looking forward to the attractive proposition of an affordable way to implement a full ERP solution.

Contact Us to Help You Grow

If you are not sure about how to progress your business, or you are looking for a software solution to manage your finances, then please contact our expert team. Our focus is on helping you, not making a sale, so why not contact one of our experienced consultants?

Contact Us

Jesse Lawrence

Jesse is our marketing manager, keeping an eye on the latest news in the market as well as having worked on the GDPR legislation. 

I find their approach to our relationship very professional whilst being refreshingly realistic. We now consider them to be part of our team

Technical Director, Bainbridge International

Partner with the Experts

With over 300 years of combined experience in Microsoft business solutions, our team will help to get you up and running, as well as building a partnership that keeps you supported, all from our UK offices. 

From functionality and licensing to business strategy, we like your questions; contact our experienced team for open, honest and reliable advice so that we can find the answers.

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