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Directions - The Journey to Prague

Our Journey to Directions EMEA!

Miruna, Tom & I (Stuart) set off for Prague today for the Directions EMEA conference. A flight from Gatwick at 9am meant an early start, setting off from the south coast before 6am.

It all started well, getting to Gatwick in good time, so a well deserved coffee was purchased. Halfway through our drink Miruna asked where her coat was, it had completely vanished from the back of the chair next to her. We were concerned our coffee had been ruined by a tea leaf!

She had her passport and purse though so whilst it was a shock it wasn't disastrous. However, a new coat would need to be purchased for the cold Prague weather. I pointed out a Next just across the concourse and I swear there was a glint in her eye at the excuse to purchase a new coat. As she got to the shop a very sheepish and embarrassed business man walked over and asked if the coat he was holding was ours, he had mistakenly picked it up as he left. Sadly I had to cut Miruna's shopping trip short.

We then realised after the excitement that our gate shut in 4 minutes, so we ran jogged walked quickly to the gate - gate 34 - that turned out to be the furthest gate from where we were. We got there just in the nick of time only to be told that there was no luggage space in the cabin and we'd have to check our hand luggage into the cargo hold. There goes our quick getaway at Prague airport.

Prague - Our First Impressions

Out taxi driver appeared to be an interesting chap who doubled as a secretary whilst driving his taxi (with his knees at times) as he juggled at least 2 phones and about 5 phone calls during our short journey.

The arrival at the hotel came as some relief, at least to Miruna and I as they confirmed our bookings. Tom on the other hand appeared to be completely out of luck as they couldn't find his booking and they were completely full tonight. Eventually it was discovered under the name of Grace who had made the bookings for us. Much relief for Miruna and I as we were about to flip a coin to see who would have to give up the spare bed in their room.

After all the excitement we popped out for some lunch. We ordered a round of drinks, Miruna asked for sparkling water and got still.

We ordered our food, Miruna asked for creamy tagliatelle and got a chicken in tomato sauce with the biggest pile of bread dumpling you've ever seen.

We ordered another round of drinks, Miruna asked for a green tea and sighed with relief as they bought her a cup of boiling water and a tea bag which she popped into the water. And watched it slowly turn red...

Registration tonight, I'm sure it will go smoothly. Won't it?...

Prague Directions EMEA

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