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The Microsoft Ignite conference in Atlanta is an event aimed at IT professionals, with a wide range of key note speakers, seminars and an expo. Here Satya Nadella is the keynote speaker on the opening day. To find out more about the latest announcements for new features, including Intelligence, Security and Collaboration, read on!

New Intelligent Services for Office Apps

In the August we talked about the latest updates in intelligent services for Office 365 apps, including Researcher and Editor in Word, Outlook focused inbox and Zoom for PowerPoint. Now Microsoft have announced the latest tools to enhance the Office suite.

Tap in Word and Outlook

Ideal for creating documents such as reports, Tap offers a range of frequently used and available documents, allowing you to select content to add directly into your current document. The insert adds the content whilst containing the fidelity of the data – for example if you insert a table from excel using Tap you can still edit the format of the table. This is ideal for adding slides, images, tables, graphics and charts to a document that you have created previously. Microsoft have said that they are looking to add this feature to PowerPoint to help with creating presentations too. 

QuickStarter in PowerPoint and Sway

Microsoft have been putting a lot of work into helping people with dealing with “blank canvas” writer’s block. With Researcher we discussed how you can cite content from respected sources to start building up a document. Now with QuickStarter getting pen to paper for presentations has become a lot easier! Starting with Sway, and soon to come to PowerPoint, you can now enter a subject and the software will search approved sources to look at categories, text and images with Creative Commons licenses and put together an outline for different subjects. The sections will either have content or links to references to consider adding content from, either way a great start to any project.

This is currently available with Sway and due to come to PowerPoint before the end of the year.

PowerPoint Designer

In May we touched on Designer for PowerPoint, a new tool that takes the items that you have placed on to a slide and suggests layouts. Now this functionality has been expanded, incorporating facial detection, colour extraction and image functionality. In May the designer was limited in suggestions, but as with all of Office 365 this has been updated and is now a fantastic feature.

Turn Data into Maps with Excel

Powered by Bing Maps, the Maps feature allows you to create geographic data visualisations from your Excel spreadsheets. This is a great way to spot trends based directly on your data based on global and in-country locations. This will be available by the end of 2016.

Delve Analytics Becomes Microsoft MyAnalytics

MyAnalytics provides insights to help you understand how you spend your time at work, across meetings, email, time you designate as “focus time” and after-hours work. Using this tool you can become more efficient whilst setting yourself productivity goals.


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