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Improve Scheduling Appointments with Microsoft Bookings in O365

Improve scheduling appointments with Microsoft Bookings in Office 365

In business, wasted time is wasted money. Forgotten appointments that took time to organise are not only frustrating, but also represent hours of productivity lost. Now with the latest app as part of the Office 365 suite Microsoft hope to address this issue and make it a thing of the past. The exciting new app, Microsoft Bookings, makes scheduling and booking appointments and sending reminders a quick and easy process.



Let Customers Choose a Time

The new app provides a customer facing web page, which is mobile friendly, that allows you to show resources such as staff members, appointment type and availability. Using the page customers can book, change and cancel appointments without you having to get involved. The tool even sends a reminder at an interval that suits your business. Bookings then integrates with your and calendars, so your staff never miss an appointment either!

Customers do not require an Office 365 account to view the page on the web, they just need to provide a name and email address for confirmations and reminders.

Customers Book Online from any device with Microsoft Bookings


Manage Your Appointment Bookings

Microsoft Bookings has a centralised booking calendar, to give you an overview of the schedule for the whole business. With a split view you can compare availability for different staff members and book, cancel and reschedule bookings directly into the central calendar, either via the web or mobile app.

Microsoft Bookings in Office 365 allows you to manage bookings online or by via the app


Microsoft Bookings Available Now!

Bookings is currently rolling out in First Release to subscribers of Office 365 安博电竞 Premium and will be available for general release to all 安博电竞 Premium customers in the next few months. Only people managing the Bookings will require an Office 365 安博电竞 Premium account, so any staff can be set up as a resource without needing an account. The companion app is still in production and we will provide an update when it becomes available – remember this app is just for managing bookings, no app is required for your customers.


Find out more about Office 365

If you would like to find out more about Office 365 and try it for free please see the page on our website:

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If you would like to find out about all of the latest tools in Office 365 and many of the other Microsoft business software products, why not register on our free open day, the 安博电竞 Software Showcase:

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