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As experts in supplying both off-the-shelf and bespoke e-commerce solutions, the latest updates to nopCommerce are very exciting for us – and they should be for you too! The latest version, nopCommerce 3.90, focusses on updates to marketing and content management functionality. Improvements to the admin area have also been made, with simplifications making the user experience (UX) a lot better.

Compliance with PCI DSS 3.2 Requirements

With cyber security at the forefront of online technologies, nopCommerce 3.90 fell into line with the latest standards for payment protection. New and fully configurable options have been provided for:

  • Password attempt failure lock-out
  • Password must be changed at least once every 90 days
  • Password must be unique, ie not a previously submitted password

Bundled Products Quantity – Product Building

nopCommerce allows the sale of products with product attributes made up of other items. For example, a craft company may sell a kit of products, eg an “everything you need to create a cross-stitch” pack, but then sell the patterns, needles, thread etc separately. In this case, the store owner can manage all of the inventory levels of the kits and the individual items. In the latest version, a new feature has been added to allow customers to choose the number of attributes to be supplied with the bundle.

Extended Discount Functionality

For complex discount criteria, the requirements can be set using Boolean logic to allow multiple rules, giving greater flexibility on discounting to customers. Furthermore, it is now possible for customers to apply an unlimited number of discount codes to one order.

Tier Prices Start/End Dates

In previous versions, it was possible to set up tier prices (price breaks based on order quantity), but with no way to apply a time frame. There was also the functionality to add in special pricing, with start and end dates, but this would not apply to tiered prices. nopCommerce 3.90 offers increased functionality, removing the special prices and putting the start and end dates functionality into the tier pricing section. This means that you can now apply different prices to any number of combinations of tiers within specified date ranges.


Reward Points Usage Delay

This feature allows reward points to only become active after a certain delay. This is ideal, for example, for providing a delay for a returns period.


Product Reviews Admin Replies

The new feature allows store owners to reply to specific reviews left on the web shop, rather than just posing answers in a string of comments.

Message Templates With Conditions

Message templates can now have conditions applied, such as removing a shipping address where whipping is not required.


Product Stock Tracking Changes

In previous versions it was only possible for store owners to track stock changes by viewing individual orders. Now, there is a dedicated Stock quantity history tab, which details changes in stock quantities with orders.

For out of stock products, it is now possible to display an approximate number of days for availability.

Custom Order Number

Store owners can now add details to order numbers, such as a prefix or a date, to provide custom order numbers. This is available from the Order settings page.

Access Limitation for Plugins Usage

Plugins can now be limited in access to customer role, so that customer users only see the areas that their job role requires. This can be updated in the ACL and plugin editing windows.

Renewed Blog Comments and News Settings

Store owners have improved administrative tool with nopCommerce 3.90 with regard to comments on blog and news articles. With the new option “must be approved” set, and new comments search fields, administrators can easily search for comments and approve them as they see fit.


File Attachments in the Product Return Form

For customers who are returning items, it is now possible for them to upload additional/supporting documents with the return requests. This is especially useful for damaged or wrong items, as they can now upload files with images etc.


The UK nopCommerce Specialists

To see a full list of improvements and bug fixes, please see the nopCommerce Release Notes. Of course, as a nopCommerce partner we will be updating our range of plugins for the latest version; keep an eye out on our blog for the release in the next week. If you are interested in a nopCommerce solution, whether it is a full web shop or just a plug-in, please contact one of our friendly team.

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