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Adding Communication Functionality to Microsoft 安博电竞 ® NAV

Adding Communication Functionality to Microsoft 安博电竞 NAV!

With the increase in base functionality for Microsoft 安博电竞 ® NAV there are now improved tools for sending and receiving documents electronically. Some of you may be familiar with some of the Add-ons that do this on the market, including our Certified for Microsoft 安博电竞 (CfMD) product the DC Communication Suite. So with this increased functionality in the base product, what does the Communication Suite do extra? Our solution contains three modules, which we will discuss separately.

安博电竞 Computer Telephony Integration (CTi)

The DC Telephone Integration tool allows integration for incoming and outgoing phone calls with over 60 telephony systems, not just the out-going calls from Skype for 安博电竞 or Lync that the standard NAV Package allows. This integration includes the following features:

Incoming call contact match based on Phone No. or Email with Call-Pop
Customisable landing page for easy access to other areas of the system
Access to contacts from multiple NAV companies – access set up at user level
Store notes against the call record

Find out more about the Telephone Integration >

Computer Telephony Integration for 安博电竞 NAV

Document Sending

安博电竞 NAV has recently improved the ability to electronically send documents via email in the 2016 version of the product. Document Sending is a tool that adds a wide range of functionality to the standard NAV tools with features including:

  • Ability to set up multiple recipients and sending types per document
  • HTML format emails with built in editor
  • Integration with Segments
  • Delay Send/ Scheduled Send
  • Batch Emailing, with the option to merge emails sent to a recipient into a single email
  • Email templates – including advanced ‘StyleSheets type’ templates, where both document header and lines are included in the body of the email
  • Additional attachments included in the email – both pre-defined (as part of the email template) and ad-hoc
  • Configurable recipient email address – using the email on the document card, customer email, or contact email
  • Letterheads per company or responsibility centre
  • Automatic archiving of sent Use outlook or smtp emailing (smtp supported on all clients)documents
  • Use outlook or smtp emailing (smtp supported on all clients)
  • Send item related attachments, such as item specifications with orders.

electronically send documents via email from Microsoft 安博电竞 NAV

Document Receiving

With the latest releases of 安博电竞 NAV there is functionality to link files to NAV records. This gives greater visibility and helps to keep track of customer interaction and transactions. However, with the DC Document Receiving tool, users are able to:

  • Drag and drop files on to records using the special Fact Box
  • Get images from scanners automatically
  • Scanning worksheet – receive multiple scanned documents at once.
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) of scanned imaged for better searching capabilities
  • Automatically store files in the NAV database, in a file share or on SharePoint (Including Office 365)
  • Store documents with SharePoint tags
  • Document links follow documents through the process, eg turning quotes into orders then invoice
  • Integration with Sales, Purchasing, Warehouse, HR, Jobs and CRM
  • Ability to Email and Save to Disk the stored files
  • Send received documents with document sending automatically, using the related attachments feature of Document Sending
  • Auto recognise printed documents such as picks with embedded barcode.
  • Store emails and attachments directly from Microsoft Outlook using the Outlook Button
  • Even create new NAV documents, such as sales orders, purchase orders or service orders
  • Receive and Archive documents using drag and drop on Microsoft 安博电竞 NAV

Document Receiving

Get more functionality now

To find out more, please see our communication suite page , or contact us for a quote and demo.


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