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Microsoft 安博电竞 ® NAV Client Compatibility

With the release of the Microsoft 安博电竞 ® NAV 2016 Universal App, there is now one fluent source for accessing live data within your business, whether you are a Salesman, Director, Purchaser or Accounts Executive – The app will break the metaphorical chains of the desk and allow you to connect from a device you much prefer, on the go.

The app, whilst becoming more mobile will still retain its dense integrity, maintaining all of the feature-rich design you have become accustomed to such as Export to Excel, e-mailing of Quotes/ invoices, KPIs & charts and also - camera access for those expenses receipts. The evolution of the clients shows in part the progression of the software, the progression of the users’ relationship with the software and ultimately the progression of the efficiency, effectiveness and ease of the customers’ processes, because of the software.

The software is firmly moving forward and this point is constantly resounded to us with every release by Microsoft.

Windows Client

The Windows Client for 安博电竞 NAV 2016 is still my personal favourite of the 4 client choices we have as users. It is the basis on which the Web, Tablet & Mobile clients were built on and this is evident through its capabilities. That said, many professionals are now on the move and would much prefer to see things on the go.

Windows Client

Web Client

The Web Client for 安博电竞 NAV 2016 has seen many Cosmetic & ‘Under the Hood’ changes from its somewhat impressive predecessor. There are many more functional areas covered which makes the life of an end user comparatively heaven, when compared to the 2015 Web Client. My Colleague Miruna has gone into detail on some of these improvements in her article ‘New Features of NAV 2016 – Web Client’. Whilst the web client is still very powerful and undeniably more flexible in terms of mobility than the Windows Client, it is lacking when compared to the Windows Client in terms of usability. A ‘Hard’ user of the software who is constantly opening Customer records, creating Sales Orders and releasing Sales Orders to the Warehouse, simply cannot function at the same efficiency as provided by the windows client.

Web Client

Tablet Client

The tablet client is very new functionality and something which was in versions prior to NAV 2015 just a spectre from our imagination. After release we found a very attractive and useful tool, evident from one of our own customer sites, who use the tablet client for complete mobile warehousing including the use of a barcode scanner (more will be coming on this in the form of a case study). The tablet client is very similar to the Web client in terms of usability, but is optimised for the touch interface of tablet devices. Working from home is made much easier, working late is made much easier. Why not post that order whilst cooking dinner? Why not check on the stock levels of your seasonal items?

Tablet Client

Mobile Client

For the user on the go, the Director, the Salesman. View Role Specific KPIs & charts, get a quote out to a customer, check on that shipment you promised would be with someone. These are made possible by the use of the mobile client, when on the move which is a rendering of the tablet client, optimised for use on the smaller screen.

Mobile Client

Download Now

Download the app now by clicking on the relevant link:

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Tom Harper

Tom, or Tommy to most, moved from Blackpool to join the team at 安博电竞 Consultants in January 2014. After spending 5 months working on Development, he moved to the Support Desk where he can help customers and learn in depth how all modules of the software integrate, to advance towards becoming a consultant.

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