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Document Sending and Document Receiving Enhancements

Document Sending & Document Receiving Enhancements

At 安博电竞 Consultants, we are always looking to improve our service and products, that’s why we’ve compiled Roadmaps for our Communication Suite Add-ons , here are just a few new features we’ve implemented for our Document Sending and Document Receiving Add-ons...

Extended HTML E-mail Templates

The first release of the Document Sending solution included the option to send HTML emails, with the HTML email template incorporating information from the document header (for example for a Sales Invoice, data such as the Sales Invoice No., Posting Date, Sell-to Customer No. and Name could be extracted from the Sales Invoice Header). With the latest release of Document Sending we have extended the type of data that can be incorporated in an HTML e-mail. Making use of the new ‘HTML E-mail Data Model’, it is possible to incorporate in the email not only information from the document header, but also information from related tables. For example, a Sales Invoice email can contain information on the items invoiced – such as Part No., Description, Quantity, Value, Discounts etc. If required, it is now possible to present an actual invoice in the email itself rather than in an attachment.

Batch Send Emails

With the newly enhanced Document Sending, it is now possible to batch send emails. Depending upon customer preferences, documents can be included in the email as individual attachments or merged into a single PDF document. This saves much time when multiple invoices are raised for a single customer during a day and also helps to prevent documents from being mislaid at the customer site which should result in prompt payment and less credit control issues.

Including Ad-hoc Documents with Document Sending

In addition, with our latest versions of Document Sending and Document Receiving, it is now possible to drag and drop a picture and/or document as required (originally added to the system via Document Receiving) and send it as an attachment with an email. For example, if the customer requires a Product Sheet to accompany the Order Confirmation email, the user only needs to drag and drop the specification onto the Sales Order and print it.

Documents with Document Sending

Printing and Scanning of QR Codes

Within the Scanning Worksheet it was necessary to individually identify a document and then drag and drop it onto the record to which it pertained. With the QR code functionality, the system will now do this as part of the scanning process and therefore provides a much more efficient process with fewer errors. This can be used in many processes such as confirming receipt of deliveries: A delivery note is generated from Microsoft 安博电竞 ® NAV with a QR code on it. The item is delivered to the customer who signs the delivery note. All delivery notes are then returned to the warehouse / office and scanned back into NAV. The document is automatically identified and the original record is then updated with confirmation of the delivery.

Printing and Scanning of QR Codes

Printing and Scanning of QR Codes

If you would like some further information on either our Document Sending or Document Receiving Add-ons, then please do contact us .

We would be delighted to present you with a demonstration on any of the Add-ons from our Communication Management Suite, such as Bank Reconciliation, 安博电竞 NAV-CTi, 安博电竞 NAVLync or our Parcelforce Integration.

These are just a few examples of what we here at 安博电竞 Consultants are capable of.

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