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In a 10-week period, we will be releasing a 10 blog special about e-commerce. Previously, we talked about how important that the back-end operations of a website are running smoothly. If you missed it, Click Here to read it.

#9 – Limit Your Information Requirements

Due to many technological advancements, we have amazing pieces of hardware and software that make our life easier. It can also make it easier for people fraud others to get personal information and abuse it. So nowadays, people are very cautious when e-commerce websites increase the amount of information they want.

You need to build trust, credibility and reassurance when asking information from a consumer. To do this, you need to ‘Keep it Simple’ with the information needed, like you don’t need to know what their dog’s name is called for no reason. Having it basic also means there is less data for you to juggle with. On an E-COMMERCE TIMES Article , they highly recommend a balance between Security and the Customer Experience. 35% of consumers would purchase more online if there were fewer security hurdles and 25% of participants in an Experian Survey said they abandoned a transaction because the business required too much information from them. With the likes of Facebook breaching data, you want consumers to feel like that business doesn’t know too much about them and their data is safe.

Consumers will trust sites that have teamed up with Experts in the payment process. For example, instead of sharing in their bank details on the website, they can use apps like Google Pay and Sage Pay to pay where they will send the money over without sharing the details to the site.

Sage Pay, one of the UK’s most trusted online payment providers, allows both Credit Card and PayPal payments, providing a secure and trusted service. We have modified Sage Pay to make it more efficient for your website, for more information Contact Us.

In the final blog of the series, it’s all about customer service. We all know customer service is key for a customer to come back to you.

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I find their approach to our relationship very professional whilst being refreshingly realistic. We now consider them to be part of our team

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